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I'm Marcela Cervantes, Transpersonal Therapist specialized in Dependent Behaviors

This chapter of my story began 10 years ago when, in a moment of great pain and uncertainty, I asked myself WHY I was here. The search for answers marked the beginning of the path that led me to study and experience different types of Therapies, inviting me to cross the globe and live experiences that helped me reconnect with my purpose and the meaning of my life from the expansion of consciousness. 

India was in charge of awakening my essence and teaching me that we are more than a body. Spain showed me that we can find the right balance between the spiritual and the earthly. This is how today, I accompany women on their path of personal growth, working not only with the mind but also with the body, emotions, and spirit. We enter a profound journey to rediscover, embrace and connect with the meaning of existence, living and relating from acceptance, peace and harmony.


On this path, I discovered that my soul never tires of learning, so I continue specializing in the Sacred Feminine Connection.


Today that I am clear WHY I am here, I seek to be for others the cane that supports, the map that accompanies, and the flashlight that illuminates the path of those who, like me in the past, feel the deep call to evolve to discover that life is an experience worth enjoying.


Thanks for being here.



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